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Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and Other Curious Things by Cate Gardner (forthcoming)


Fifty-Two Stitches edited by Aaron Polson

More than 50 short-short horror stories, ranging from bizzaro to atmospheric to outright terrifying.

from The Book Smugglers:

"...another fantastic anthology from some very talented authors."

"...helped me realize just how amazing flash fiction can be."

Available now or through Amazon.com for only $9.95.
The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid by Barry Napier
"With The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid, Barry Napier deftly interweaves a series of memos, journal notes,interview transcripts, and articles into an eerie and unsettling tale of paranormal activity that any nostalgic X-FILES fan is sure to love."
- Robert Swartwood, author of Through the Guts of a Beggar and The Silver Ring

Pre-Order now (to be released on 5/18/10)

The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid, $8.00